Crysteel Truck

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Body mount, bolt on pintle hitch, with 902 (1" 3 ball stainless steel set). Rated Type II - 25,000 lbs gross weight, 5,000 lbs toungue weight. Meets SAE Standard J-847, Compatible with PA-1, AM-PC series and DT-PC series.

*A spring-loaded, double engagement latch which locks through the pintle sleeve for increased strength and reliability. *Both an automatic rust proof latch lock and a manual safety pin insure safe hookups. *Quick conversion from pintle hitch to ball hitch to clevis hitch without the need for tools. *Latch self parks so it cannot interfere with the ball coupler during hookup and towing with ball couplers. *Gross Trailer Weight ratings up to 25,000lbs.

Price: $258.32

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